About Poison Waters



Poison Waters is not just a personality, Poison Waters is an experience.

Poison Waters is the vivacious, brilliant, sharp-tongued comic and a much sought-after event host, who cheerfully (and often) blurs entertainment lines. We are counting on her to make May 21 no different.

This in-demand performer has made countless appearances since stepping into her first gown and heels 30 years ago. She is known to many as the most glamorous drag queen in Portland —and she is also her alter ego, Kevin Cook, an activist, advocate and popular host/emcee known for his talents with humor, a mic, and an audience.

Hundreds of thousands have enjoyed the one of a kind entertainment and dynamic presence that only Poison Waters can provide. For three decades, the Poison Waters experience continues to grow and update itself with our ever changing times, while holding tight the unique qualities that Poison has become synonymous with: Dedication, Passion, Humor, Joy and Positive Light. Celebrating 30 years of entertaining, Poison Waters is one of a kind!