About Kenton Waltz


Kenton currently works in the marketing and creative world, but his roots grow from a musical family. From an early age he sang with his mother and sisters. Following in his sister’s footsteps, He found his voice in high school show choir (hello jazz hands!) and competitions in Indiana.

Just like David Letterman, Kenton received a degree in theatrical direction from Ball State University and like all theatre majors, makes his living outside of the theater. This professional photographer spends his days snapping performance shots of others on stages around Portland; which is where Darcy White comes into this story.

Darcy hired Kenton to photograph several of Cabaret White’s performances and as Kenton photographed and watched all the talented vocalists perform in each show his performing spirit woke inside of him, and he found himself wanting to perform.

After a year of documenting Cabaret White performances,(to see Kenton’s work click here)  Kenton took a deep breath and enrolled in Darcy White and Courtney Freed’s Cabaret Class. This 6-week course (which he HIGHLY recommends) helped Kenton to revive his voice and cultivate his story.  

When Kenton isn't singing, he is a commercial photographer/videographer in Portland, OR. Kenton is thrilled to make the transition from the event photographer to a performer and you’ll soon see why Darcy asked him to put his camera down and sing for us.

Photo Credit: Erin Riddle