Meet Jeff.

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JEFF DONALDSON-FORBES is a performer, a writer, and a dance-lover (he’s a former Company Manager of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company!) Not surprisingly, he is also a Sondheim queen.

Jeff grew up gay in Fort Collins, CO, where he discovered the joys of musical theater through roles including Charlemagne in PIPPIN, Tim in ANGRY HOUSEWIVES, and Lucky in DAMES AT SEA. Though his drag alter ego, Claire de Loon, was born in New York City, she found her groove while living in Provincetown, MA, where she got her big break delivering HIV-prevention education in a game show format to unsuspecting beachgoers.

Most recently, Jeff appeared as one of the 4-member cast of Portland Musical Theater Company’s “Not Another Christmas Letter,” and he has also appeared locally in Linda Austin's "the last bell rings for you," at Dawn Stoppiello's "Salon du Garage", as well as at Cabaret White where he is thrilled to be appearing alongside his partner, Greg Seagler.

Jeff's plays have been performed in NYC, Provincetown (MA), and Bozeman (MT), and locally as part of Fertile Ground 2017. Work in development includes an LGBT-centric television pilot.