Meet Greg.


GREG SEAGLER grew up enjoying four-part congregational singing in church at least three times per week. 

When he was a sophomore in high-school, he stumbled into a drama class as it was the only elective course with an opening. Well, nature or nurture—the rest is history!

He then went to a small church college where he and many other students sang way more than studied. They began many classes with songs—and that included history, math, and English classes!

Greg’s love for singing only increased over the years, but he was rarely confident enough to step forward from the back row of the choir. Still, encouraged during his college years by his dearest girl friend (two words ;-), Chris Blount, who has the voice of a nightingale, he never gave up hoping, and occasionally, trying. He was just never quite sure it was worth the sheer terror.

More recently, encouraged by his sweetheart, Jeff Donaldson-Forbes, he chose to take a few more steps toward the mic last fall by enrolling in the Solo Performance Workshop taught by the incomparable Darcy White and Courtney Freed, where they proceeded to unleash a monster.

Greg enjoys singing with the Portland Peace Choir. He wishes to thank the most supportive family and friends he can possibly imagine having, including his mom, sister and brother-in-law, the love of his life, Jeff, and his dear gal-pal, Chris.